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“For almost 15 years Artengine has worked to connect the creative threads that weave through the technological landscape of the region. The Electric Fields festival is our opportunity to push these connections beyond the everyday and to celebrate all the wonder of contemporary electronic art!”

Ryan Stec introduced himself to me at IF09, and invited me to EF for 2010. Fabulous to share work with other 3D and electronic media artists from across Canada, and see the latest from the NFB S3D Hothouse participants.

RSV presented

“Interactive Futures '09: Stereo (IF'09: Stereo) will be hosted by the Intersections Digital Studios at Emily Carr University of Art + Design, Vancouver. IF'09: Stereo offers a broad thematic reading of "stereo" to include research and art works that use techniques and devices to lure the body into ephemeral spaces. Examples include stereographic films and animations, linked interactive performance spaces, simulated touch interfaces, binaural sound works, and mixed-reality art works. IF'09: Stereo has invited practitioners who are working with subtle uses of immersive techniques, illusionary space and objects, and telepresence that evoke unexpected responses and challenge the modes of creation used by popular entertainment media and technologies.”

I met Maria Lantin, (Director of Intersections Digital Studios at Emily Carr University) while I was experimenting with stereoscopy at the Banff Centre’s Optic Nerve Residency in 2005. She invited me to IF09 to present Remote Sensibility. It was fantastic meeting and seeing the work of an international field of artists working in the medium.

Invited as Keynote Speaker for Environment Forum hosted by Government of Yukon Department of Environment, I presented “The Ecology of Perception”. This work is about how our relationship with the land is shaped by how we see the land. And how how we see the land, is affected by how we shape, and are shaped by, our manufactured spaces.

Big Wild is a national initiative to connect people with wild places through the stories we share, and to collectively contribute to their protection. Jill Pangman of Sila Sojourns produced the launch in Whitehorse at the Yukon Arts Center. She invited me to collaborate, and I created multimedia, including contributions from many Yukon wilderness photographers. This presentation included my own Remote Sensibility: The Ecology of Perception with live choral accompaniment by the Persephone singers conducted by Barb Chamberlin, excerpts from Cascade of Light and Wild Waters Sacred Places, an adaptation of Adrenaline Bach with live violin performance by Ben Forrest, the Remote Sensibility installation, and video/choreography collaboration with Yukon dancer and choreographer Jude Wong.

Big Wild is spearheaded by Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society and Mountain Equipment Co-op.

I’ve had the pleasure of hosting several photography workshops in the Yukon. These are organised by private bookings or through invitations from festivals such as A Celebration of Swans and Faro Sheep and Crane Festival, or wilderness guiding company Sila Sojourns. Workshops cover the practical side of equipment and software with digital wilderness photography, and the visual language of composition, light, shadow, form. I invite participants to explore the strength of the medium in reflecting, challenging, and celebrating our relationship with the land. Ultimately, photography becomes a meditation, a process for mindfulness of the land and our place in it.

Remote Sensibility: The Ecology of Perception presented at:

Remote Sensibility: the Ecology of Perception works and presentations at:

ISEA 2015 Disruptionhttp://isea2015.org/about/theme/

Hart to Heart and projection intérieure projection

ISEA2015’s theme of DISRUPTION invites a conversation about the aesthetics of change, renewal, and game-changing paradigms.Disruption contains both blue sky and black smoke. When we speak of radical emergence we must also address things left behind.

ISEA demonstration and IN IT show.

IF14 More than human worldshttp://isea2015.org/about/theme/

projection intérieure projection

Interactive Futures (IF) 2014, More-Than-Human Worlds: Compassionate Interactions and the Ethics of Aesthetics combines interdisciplinary academic research with explorations in new media and interactive artistic practice to consider alternative conceptions of human relations with other animals and the environment.

I was honoured to share my artistic practice Remote Sensibility in exploring human-land relationships.

World Humanities Conference 2017 
Liege, Belgiumhttp://www.humanities2017.org/en

Keynote address, symposium by Earth System Governance (ESGRREW) on Opening New Paths on Representations and Rights of the Environment.

Session on the 'Representations and conceptual foundations of our relationship with the environment' addresses the ontological dimension of such a relationship (including subjectivity, spirituality and philosophy). Ecology of Perception makes visible and perceptible the different elements of this relationship.

                            - Dr. Sandy Lamalle

Selected works presented including RSV, ADS, PIP, H2H , ES, le chevalet, murs intérieurs, Cascade de Lumière / Cascade of Light

Presentation and improv with UNESCO Arts and Society

BMFBF  2015 Mountain Arthttps://www.banffcentre.ca/mountain-art-exhibitions
TAIS 2016
Frame is the Key Framehttp://tais.ca